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Our Process

Our unique approach features:
  • A Single Fixed Fee to cover all break-fix, change requests, upgrades and routine maintenance for all applications
  • A full-time onsite Client Support Manager.
  • A flexible and adjusted “right-sized” support team utilizing a leveraged resource pool of talent.
  • Quarterly review process to review performance, adjust service levels as applicable.
Our Process & Talent

We like to tell our clients that it’s all about our “process”, it’s not just about the “bodies”. While providing you with access to the absolute best in talent in the industry is certainly critical, it’s about much more than that. It’s about bringing that talent to bear in an effective, affordable and highly leveraged environment. That is what we do best.

We provide you with a leveraged team of the industries top talent, all brought to bear when and where you need it most. This way we can absorb many of the regular fluctuations in your support needs that are difficult for you to absorb using your own finite resource pool.


As part of our process, we provide you with a regular “Quarterly Report” that shows you exactly what we have accomplished for you.  The purpose of these quarterly updates is to keep you fully apprised as to the status of our support efforts and to make certain we are keeping open lines of communication in order to improve that support.

  • We not only focus on our accomplishments, but areas where we can improve.
  • Our entire process is an “open book” as we will delve into areas such ticket remediation, as SLA attainment and Customer Satisfaction.
  • We also use these meetings to jointly review current staffing levels and look for any areas of possible reduction or improvement.
Fixed Fee Pricing

Our pricing includes all the initial travel costs to bring the entire staff onsite to your facilities for the first few weeks of the project in order to fully orient them to your organization and your user community. That fixed fee also includes the following additional services:

  • A full time Client Support Manager (CSM) who will be well versed in at least one of the applications being supported and will be a working manager. (It is expected that the CSM serves as your single point of contact for any services that we provide)
  • If you should require any of our staff to occasionally travel onsite for specific business purpose, they will be available to do so at no additional cost to you.
  • In our experience, we have found that a static and inflexible approach based on the number of bodies and hours seldom leads to success. Instead we rely on our proven method which is based on quickly getting onsite and adapting to your needs as rapidly as possible, combined with constant interaction and flexibility.
Our basic process is summarized by the following ten core points

Initially we attempt to gain as much insight as possible as it relates to the applications being supported which includes but is not limited to, versions, pending upgrades as well as any large-scale changes and customizations.

We then immediately embark on a just-in-time, custom resource identification process that allows us to locate, screen and hire the resources that we feel are the absolute best fit to support your applications.

We assign a dedicated CSM to your account. This working manager becomes your single point of contact 24-hours a day for anything that you might need.

Once that initial support team has been identified, the CSM and an onsite scout team comes to your location(s) to begin to identify the appropriate client partners on your side that we will match up with those on our side to carry out the knowledge transfer process. That scouting team also works with your IT staff to research and test the remote access process that will be used by our team going forward.

The following week begins the actual orientation and knowledge transfer process. This means that our entire core staff will be physically onsite to meet with their assigned client partners to begin to better understand your “applicational culture”, which is defined as how your organization uses their assigned applications as well as meet with primary user staff etc. This onsite orientation is repeated for as many weeks as necessary until we are both comfortable that the staff has the access and information required to be able successfully support your applications going forward.

The assigned CSM will maintain an occasional onsite presence for the next several weeks until we feel that the team has stabilized and has everything they need.

We understand and expect that during these first few weeks that we may need to make additional changes to the staff for many reasons, such as more refined expertise requirements. Hence, our job is to make those changes as fast as possible until we are certain that we have just the right staff for the job. We consider the initial staff to be very fluid and flexible for these first few weeks.

At or around week four we begin to integrate ourselves into your after-hours call process and assume 24X7 responsibility for the applications.

At the twelve-week mark, we carefully compile all of the relevant statistics associated with the support that we have provided you to date. This includes, but is not limited to such information at total tickets closed, average time to respond to requests, number of calls made etc. All of this information is reported back to you in a very easy to understand manner during our first quarterly meeting. Together we will use this information to make any additional required changes in the staffing or assignments going forward.

We repeat the quarterly meeting process for the duration of the engagement so that you remain well aware of exactly what you are getting for your money.

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