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Expertise & Value

Proven Process

While the expertise of the talent that we hire is certainly critical, these same resources can be engaged by any firm. The real value that we bring is our time tested, hardened and proven process by which the raw talent of these resources is applied, leveraged and managed all for a single fixed price.

More Affordable

We are committed to making healthcare IT application support more affordable without sacrificing expertise or quality.

24/7 x 365

MediQore only provides one thing, simple, fixed fee application support solutions using highly leveraged and experienced experts who are brought to bear as a cohesive team to provide our service, 24/7 x 365.


We strive to increase application support efficiency while decreasing your overall support costs.


One of the keys to our service is flexibility. We do not rely on complicated, long-term commitment agreements. We believe you should keep a client because they appreciate the service that you provide them, not because they are locked into a contract.

Right Size Approach

Clients come to us looking for flexible, versatile yet custom solution and we provide just that. We work to consistently “right size” their solution and we are often able to decrease our price over time.

Driven By Service

We like to say that we are “driven by service but we are powered by people”.

The New Standard

We want to become the new standard for the way healthcare organizations support their applications.

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