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Application Support
For Healthcare Is ALL We Do.

We turn the traditional approach upside down, and we work every day to provide you more and charge you less.
We’re More Than A Consulting Firm

Most consulting firms attempt to offer this type of service, but they struggle to do so successfully because in the end it is all about increasing their hourly rates and adding additional resources to your account. They can’t help themselves from “nickel and diming” the you until the you can no longer afford the service they are providing.

We turn that approach upside down and work every day in our attempt to provide you more and charge you less.

Disrupting the Conventional Approach

We are disrupting that conventional approach by providing a true “service” that is not based on hourly rates or on constant upsell. We strive to provide you with solid and reliable application support services that you can count on for an affordable, single fixed fee.

Setting The New Standard

We want to become the new standard by which healthcare organizations purchase application support services.

More Efficient

Why not offload the burden of that daily support requirement to an organization that can bring in a leveraged pool of resources to handle it more efficiently so that you can focus your limited internal resources on more strategic needs?

What does application support have in common with your lawn?

Most people feel they have better things to do with their time than mow their lawn. Would you hire a company of arborists, botanists, soil and geology experts all charging high hourly rates and travel costs to mow your lawn? If you did it would get pretty expensive pretty fast.

You would hire a team that shows up on time and mows your lawn precisely as you want it tended to without you hardly noticing that they were even there. You want to look out the window and see a beautiful pristine lawn and you want that service performed for a single, fixed pre-agreed upon price. We want to provide that same simplified approach to application support for our healthcare IT clients.

Growing Our Base of Support

MediQore continues to build a strong, broad base of support expertise and we pull them together using the latest in communication technologies and co-working centers.

The New Standard

We want to become the new standard for the way healthcare organizations support their applications.

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