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About MediQore

We’re NOT a consulting firm.
“I have spent nearly 20 years in the management of application support services to the healthcare marketplace. During that time, I grew weary of watching consulting firms provide this service primarily to allow them to upsell the client more expensive and often completely unrelated hourly services. I knew there had to be a better way and MediQore is proving that there is. That is why I created MediQore. We are a very unique organization focused exclusively on providing remote application support to the healthcare information technology market. There is no other organization with this as their sole focus and we do it very well”.

Ken Roderman, CEO & Founder of MediQore

Ken Roderman, CEO of MediQore

What is MediQore?

MediQore is an information technology focused organization providing reliable and affordable managed application support solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our Vision

To become the new standard in the way healthcare IT purchases outside support services.

Our Mission

To provide top notch, worry free services for a lower and more predictable cost.

Our Profile

Formed by leading industry experts who have been searching for a better way.

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