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MediQore is a Unique Healthcare IT Application Support Services Provider

We focus exclusively on the provision of remote application support services for just about any of your critical clinical or business applications.

MediQore prides itself on providing affordable, effective and economical fixed fee solutions for our clients. No hourly rates, no travel costs. Just a single fixed fee to solve your support needs.

Fixed Fee

We provide reliable and affordable application support solutions to the healthcare industry all for a single fixed fee. This means no hourly rates, no travel costs and no expensive management oversight fees.

24/7 Service

We provide our clients a full range of the day to day application support services that they need to keep their systems running in top condition 24 hours a day. This means that there are never any hidden “after hours” costs.


We provide these services using a primarily remote decentralized, leveraged pool of the absolute best application support talent available, all for a very cost-effective price.

Our Process

Simplified Pricing

A Single Fixed Fee to cover all break-fix, change requests, upgrades and routine maintenance for all applications


A full-time onsite Client Support Manager.


A flexible and adjusted “right-sized” support team utilizing a leveraged resource pool of talent.


Quarterly review process to review performance, adjust service levels and decrease pricing as applicable.

Modern Healthcare IT Support


Hospital CIOs today are being asked to do more with less every day. They can no longer afford to apply a new FTE at every problem and usually the typical temporary hourly outside consulting approach does not really solve the problem, in fact, it often makes it worse.

Our clients are experiencing an ever-growing complexity and scope of application support requirements with increasing user expectations while at the same time dealing with resource scarcity, high turnover and increasing training costs all under an ever-decreasing IT budget.

They have hundreds of applications to support today but need to turn focus to the future, not on the day to day.

MediQore’s Unique


We solve their problem for them by taking over the day to day support of many of their applications to allow them to better focus their scarce time, their best people and their limited dollars on what is most important and strategic to the future of their organization.

What MediQore is NOT

MediQore offers a unique approach to solving healthcare IT support challenges.
  • Not consulting
  • Not Staff Augmentation
  • Not hourly rates or buckets of hours
  • Not stacks of fluffed up profiles
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